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Friday, September 9, 2011

Mash & Lauter Tun Build

Angry Monocle is going all-grain. Jack picked up an unused 5-gallon cylindrical cooler at a yard sale last month, and I finally got around to picking up the parts for it. So I spent a couple hours at Home Depot poring over the endless possibilities of brass fittings. I'm using a stainless steel braided hose to strain the wort off from the grains. The hose will be reinforced with copper wire, then looped onto a brass T fitting. The T is connected to a ball valve to which we will attach tubing when draining the wort. The cooler should be able to keep a near-constant 150F over the course of an hour, as required for a standard mash.

I'll post pictures when it's finished. Looking forward to experimenting with exotic base malts and adjuncts.

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