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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chomp Chomp

November 19, 2011

Tonight we brew the second incarnation of the Belgian IPA. This time, instead of brewing an IPA with Belgian yeast, we decided to come at it from the Belgian side of things, ditching the crystal malt and increasing the amount of cane sugar to dry the beer out even more. We also decided that a blind pursuit of fruit-resembling flavors was destined to run into what I think of as the Jolly Rancher problem, namely that non-fruit-derived fruity flavors tend to taste artificial in very high concentrations, as can happen when you pair a very estery yeast (such as Chimay's, or a hefeweizen yeast) with American hops bred for their fruit character (such as Amarillo and Centennial). This time, we decided to emphasize the spicy side of hops and yeast. We selected a yeast that produces more spicy phenols, and used American hops that tend more towards spicy, herbal, or piney flavors. Oh yeah, and we're adding three times as much hops.

Batch Size: 2.5 gal
Boil Volume: 3.5 gal
Calculated OG: 1.069
Estimated FG: 1.011
Estimated ABV: 7.5%
Calculated IBUs (Tinseth): 67
Pitching Temperature: 65F
Yeast: Wyeast 1388 Belgian Strong
Starter: none
Fermentation vessel: Bucket

Other Fermentables Amount % Max Pts.
DME 3 75% 42.00
Cane Sugar 1 25% 46.00
Total 4 100% 172.00
Hops/Additions Amount Time AA% IBU's
Horizon 0.25 60 11.9% 20.42
Horizon 0.75 10 11.9% 22.21
Chinook 0.25 10 11.8% 7.34
Nugget 1 3 11.0% 9.39
Chinook 0.75 3 11.8% 7.55

11/23/11 - Added 1 lb of cane sugar. The smell was potent.

11/27/11 - Dry hopped with 1 oz of Horizon (whole cone), 1 oz of Chinook (pellets), and 1 oz of Nugget (pellets).

12/13/11 - Bottled to 2.8 volumes of C02.

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