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Friday, April 27, 2012

Christopher (4/27/12)

On our latest IPA, we decided to highlight the Columbus hop varietal. Also known under the proprietary names Tomahawk and Zeus, Columbus is a fairly new high-alpha acid American strain with pungent resin, pine, and citrus flavors. We also added an ounce of Citra to the mix for a hint of tropical fruit.

Otherwise, the recipe is identical to our last couple of IPAs. We adhere to the contemporary West Coast philosophy on IPAs, aiming for a very subdued malt and yeast profile so that the huge quantity of hops can really shine through. We've been pretty happy with the results.

Batch Size: 2.5 gal (2.25 gal at bottling)
Boil Volume: 3.5 gal
Calculated OG: 1.071
Measured FG: 1.013
Estimated ABV: 7.6
Calculated IBUs (Tinseth): 169
Pitching Temperature: 68F
Yeast: Wyeast American Ale 1056
Starter: None
Fermentation vessel: Bucket

Other Fermentables Amount % Max Pts. Color
DME 3 34% 42.00 2.00
Cane Sugar 1.13 13% 46.00 0.00

Hops/Additions Amount Time AA% IBU's
Columbus 1 60 13.9% 95.68
Columbus 0.5 30 13.9% 36.77
Columbus 0.5 10 13.9% 17.35
Citra 1 5 14.0% 19.21

5/4/12: Added 1.13 lbs sugar.
5/10/12: Added 2 oz of Columbus (dry hop)
5/23/12: Bottled to 2.5 volumes of CO2.

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