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Friday, August 3, 2012

Golden Bear #3: The Golden Bear Rises (7/26/12)

This marks round three of our most beloved beer, the Golden Bear. This time around I decided to go with all Styrian Goldings, Duvel-style, and also added 1 gram of Grains of Paradise at flame out. Other than that its pretty much just like the first two.

Batch size: 5 gallons
Boil volume: 6 gallons

Calculated OG: 1.073

Measured FG: 1.011
Attenutation: 85%

Estimated ABV: 8.13
Calculated IBUs (Tinseth): 32
Pitching Temperature: 70
Yeast: Wyeast 1388 Belgian Golden Strong
Starter: 2 Liter
Fermentation vessel: Bucket

Other Fermentables Amount % Max Pts.
DME 6.5 35% 42.00
Cane Sugar 2 11% 46.00
Hops/Additions Amount Time AA%
Styrian Goldings 3 60 3.2%

Fermented hard and steady for 36 hours, then started to fall off.

8/2/12 - 2lbs of sugar added, bubbling quickly

8/11/12 - Bubbling has nearly stopped. Gravity of 1.011. Bottled.

9/6/12 - The aroma of the beer is very sulfurous. That could mean the yeast produced extra dimethal sulfide (DMS), which should fade with time, or there was a bacterial infection. The result remains to be seen.

10/2/12 - The sulfur flavor has left the beer, must have been DMS. Flavor is sublime. More tasting notes to come.


  1. I thought Duvel used a combination of Saaz and Styrian Goldings.

  2. Look, nobody seems to know. Brew Your Own says one things, other places say another. I just went with the last thing I read, and took that as truth.