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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This Saturday, February 26th, Mod 47 AKA Angry Monocle Brewing Company will be hosting a beerluck. It's like a potluck, but with beer. The following of our beers will be featured:

1. Our hefeweizen, which Jack has apparently named "Cloudy Dreamwich". This is a simple, classic beer, brewed with 40% wheat malt, low bitterness, and a prominent fruity character. This beer was brewed with yeast from the Weihenstephan brewery in Germany, which brews what many consider to be the best example of the style. Like the Weihenstephan Hefeweissbier, our hefeweizen is slightly more restrained than some other German-style hefeweizens in not having an over-the-top bubblegum-like character, which allows more malt flavor to shine through. Served with the yeast in it.

2. The Belgian pale ale, or One-Eyed Bandit. This beer is Jack's firstborn. I won't speculate too much about his thoughts on the process, but see his earlier posts for more detail. This is by far the strangest of our brews, and will likely be polarizing. If you're in for something wild, give this one a try.

3. Armadillo IPA. A close relative of the (forthcoming) Armadillo Pale Ale, this beer is single-hopped with large quantities of Amarillo, a pungent, citrusy American hop. This beer was brewed on premise at Deja Brew, as a generous gift from my brother and his girlfriend. We haven't actually tried this yet, but I'm very interested to see what kinds of differences we notice from the use of a different brewhouse.

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